Our Philosophy

Simply put we are always looking for the best and most fun quad-copter frame out there.
We strive for the feeling that there is no reason for us to ever want to fly any of our other quads but our own frame designs.

  • Build
  • Fly
  • Repeat
Harpie 180

Who is Quad Monsters?

First of all we are pilots, we like to fly, early and often. We've been flying R/C since 1985 and multi-rotors since 2011.
Additionally we have backgrounds in electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering as well as training in various fabrication techniques.
Most of all, we're a bunch of fun guys who are having a great time and just want to share the goodness we are living with everyone.


Well Appointed Kits

We've built a lot of quads, ours, and others.
One thing that we know is how very frustrating it is being half way through your build and realizing you don't have the necessary wire, connector, nylon standoff or when you are ready to fly not having Velcro® or a battery strap.
For this reason we make sure that everything you will need to put together your quad, except for the running gear, is provided for you in the kit. We're talking everything, not just a PDB and a battery strap, we mean all the bits you will need like wires, heat-shrink, custom 3D printed mounts, antenna tubes, even a RapStrap® to hold down your ESCs.


Designed with Running Gear in Mind

Everything on the quad has a spot, you don't have to struggle getting things to fit. We don't just provide a hole for you to mount you antenna connector, we provide a spot for everything. This means that where it makes sense, or is required, we provide not only features built into the frame but also provide 3D printed parts as required to mount everything in it's appropriate location. No need to look for aftermarket parts to make the job possible.
This takes the complexity out of putting together your quad, which gets you in the air faster.

Meet the Family

We are very proud of our frame selection and we are certain that you will find something here to suit your needs and desires.

  • Harpie 180

    This is our baby as well as our very first design.
    Conceptualized from the ground up to be lightweight and nimble it will bring a smile to anyone's face.

    Harpie 180
  • Wyvern 200

    A no compromise, racing monster for 5" props.
    As small and lightweight as we could make it with the flexibility of easy repair to keep you flying, at peak performance, always.

    Wyvern 200
  • Phoenix 215

    The ideal general quad.
    The Phoenix is designed for anything you want to throw at it. It is capable of everything from racing to freestyle using the most popular and accessible gear.

    Phoenix 215
  • Griffin 180

    A small quad for a monster setup.
    Designed to be able to take the power of the big guys in a small package. 4" props and 220X motors provide endless possibilities.

    Griffin 180
  • Dragon 220

    Fast and Simple Stretch-X Racer.
    Provides excellent pitch stability for a very predicatble racing experience. Burn up the competition!

    Dragon 220
  • Roc 225

    Full sized, flexible & convertible .
    Start off with training arms to get a good feel and great crash resistance, upgrade to thin racing arms when you are ready.

    Roc 225
  • Roc Utralight 190

    No Compromises 4” Racer.
    Ultralight and Aerodynamic, under 190g with battery!

    Roc Ultralight 190
  • Roc Utralight 218

    No Compromises 5” Racer.
    Ultralight and Aerodynamic & 5” prop capable!

    Roc Ultralight 218
  • Wyvern UL 198

    Bred from the same stock as the original Wyvern, we have turned it into a ultra light racing machine.

    Wyvern UL 198
  • Manticore LR

    Designed specificaaly to run Long Range equipment and 7" props. Supports multiple configurations

    Manticore LR
  • Pixie 110

    Micro class quad for 2” props with the same philosophy of our UL frames.

    Pixie 110
  • Pixie 148

    Micro class quad for 3” and 2½” props with the same philosophy of our UL frames.

    Pixie 148
  • More to come...

    We have more designs on the drawing board, we will be updating this section as they get released.

    Coming Soon
  • QM Monogram

Where to Buy?

You can purchase our products from one of our Dealers or directly from us. We are also looking to add more dealers to provide you better service.