Phoenix 215

For Racing, Freestyle and All Around Fun!

Phoenix 215 Notes:

After the release of the Harpie and the Wyvern we were looking for an all around good performer. We wanted a frame that would be good at everything; something that you could race one day, fly acro the next and just have fun when you wanted to relax. If you can only have one quad, this is the frame you would want.

With that in mind we designed the Phoenix. It is set up to take the most popular gear, swing the most popular size of prop and it's modular so that if you break an arm all you have to do is replace that arm. We are confident we have found the ideal balance of strength, weight and flexibility without adding undue complexity.


Custom Motor Mix:

mixer custom
mmix reset
mmix 0 1 -1 0.781 -1
mmix 1 1 -1 -0.781 1
mmix 2 1 1 0.781 1
mmix 3 1 1 -0.781 -1
Note: don't forget to save


  • Size:
    215mm (measured diagonally from motor center to motor center)
  • Max Prop Size:
  • Material:
    3K Matte Carbon Fiber, Twill Weave
  • Plate Thicknesses:
  • Arm Thicknesses:
  • Frame Weight:

Required to Complete

  • Motors:
  • ESCs
  • Propeller:
    Maximum 5”
  • Flight Controller
  • Battery
  • VTX
  • Camera:
    HS1177 Case Camera
    Runcam Swift Case Camera

Recommended Equipment

Please note that Quad Monsters does not endorse any particular equipment vendor, these recommendations are provided merely as a selection of components that we know will work with this frame.

  • Motor:
    Please note that the Phoenix is only drilled for 22XX motors; it will not take 18XX motors. If you are looking for a frame that can run 18XX motors take a look at the Harpie.
    We have run Xnova, Cobra and EMAX motors on the Phoenix with great success. Feel free to select your preferred 22XX motor.
  • ESCs:
    There are plenty of good 20A-30A ESCs on the market, choose your favorite. The only recommendation here is to get a small footprint, lightweight style ESC that supports high refresh rate (e.g. Oneshot125) and active braking (e.g. Damped Light).
  • Propeller:
    The Phoenix will fit up to a 5" prop; we have had excellent success with both 5050BN Tri-Blades and 4045BN Tri-Blades. However, be sure to match the prop to your selected power system.
  • Flight Controller:
    What, you think we want to start a political debate?
  • VTX:
    Important note. The 3D printed parts supplied with the Phoenix are designed around a compact VTX with a straight antenna connector. If you select a different VTX you will have to provide your own mounting mechanism. The following VTXs will fit the Phoenix with no modifications.
    Lumenier TX5G2R
    Eachine ET200 VTX
    TBS UNIFY 5G8 200MW
  • Camera:
    The Phoenix is designed around a compact case camera. Although there are several other cameras that will work, these are the two that we run on all our case cam quads due to their excellent performance.
    Foxeer HS1177 Case Camera [Top connector is easier but both work]
    RunCam Swift Case Camera
  • Battery:
    Many batteries can be used on the Phoenix; we have been flying mostly 1300mAh to 1550mAh 4S high C rated batteries for a good balance of power, weight and flight time. We have run both LiPo and LiHv batteries on our equipment without problems.



Flight of the Phoenix