Manticore Long Range 7

Highly configurable geometry & optimized for long range operations.

Manticore Notes:

There was a lot of grumbling from our pilots wanting a long-range rig that could spin larger props. We had also been considering this ourselves for a while. In addition, on the drawing board we had been noodling on the possibility of a design that could be built in different configurations. We also wanted to incorporate LR specific features such as larger batteries, integrated HD camera mount and proper mounting for LR systems such as the TBS Crossfire After some more thinking and a fair amount of design work the manticore was born.

Some of the things we worked into the design was extreme flexibility in component selection. For example, you can run individual ESCs out on the arms or a 4-in-1 ESC in the center stack. You can run either 20mm X 20mm stacks like in the micro quads or you can run 30.5mm X 30.5mm standard size stacks, the frame is built for both. The frame can also be configured as stretch X, H, dead cat or what we are calling super dead cat to allow for whatever configuration works best for you. We provide a vertical mounting plate in the back to house your VTX and your RX and even provide antenna mounting for standard RX dipoles or a Crossfire Immortal T antenna. Finally, the front is already prepared to take our universal Hero and Session camera mounts, no zip ties necessary.



  • Size (measured diagonally from motor center to motor center) & Frame Geometry:
    The configuration of the Manticore allows for different geometries and thus different sizes:
    • 318mm - Stretch X
    • 303mm - H
    • 308mm - Dead Cat
    • 289mm - Super Dead Cat
  • Max Prop Size:
  • Material:
    3K Matte Carbon Fiber, Twill Weave
  • Plate Thicknesses:
  • Arm Thicknesses:
  • Frame Weight:
    20g for the 148, 18g for the 110

Required to Complete

  • Motors:
    22XX - 24XX
  • ESCs
    Individual or 4-in-1 ESCs
  • Propeller:
    Maximum 7”
  • Flight Controller
    30.5mm X 30.5mm & 20mm X 20mm mounting holes
  • Battery
    Top mount or bottom mount
  • VTX
    Pigtail VTX
  • Camera:
    Micro Size, 19mm width
  • Receiver:
    The Manticore has mounts for both standard receiver antennas and for the TBS Immortal T antenna.

Recommended Equipment

Please note that Quad Monsters does not endorse any particular equipment vendor, these recommendations are provided merely as a selection of components that we know will work with this frame.

There are many different ways to configure and set up a Manticore and for that reason there is a large variety of components that can be used when building one. The components listed below are just a few of the possible components and they are here because we have used them, there are many others that will work just as well. Also note that we have focused mostly on long range setups and efficiency but there are other ways this can be set up as well.