Dragon 220

Purebred Racing Stretch X Frame!

Dragon 220 Notes:

With the Wyvern we already have a great frame designed for speed and maneuverability. Although this is a great entry into the racing world there are times when you have different requirements. Motors are getting more powerful, speeds are getting higher and tracks are getting faster. In order to deal with these faster tracks the Stretch X frame was born. It provides greater stability around the pitch axis and allows pilots to stay closer to the ground at higher speeds while not sacrificing turning ability.

The Dragon is a Stretch X design that combines elements from the Harpie, the Wyvern and the Phoenix. In order to create a light weight frame with great simplicity we decided on a single bottom plate like the Harpie. The center body is a modification of the Wyvern with an attempt to keep everything as tight and as compact as possible. The camera mount uses lateral plates like the Phoenix does. In order to minimize size and weight some sacrifices were made, we got rid of our signature LED strip in the rear, the Dragon being the only frame so far that does not sport it. In order to optimize space we also moved to a layout that requires a pigtail VTX. The complete package provides for a compact but efficient design that does not sacrifice too much in durability.



  • Size:
    220mm (measured diagonally from motor center to motor center)
  • Max Prop Size:
  • Material:
    3K Matte Carbon Fiber, Twill Weave
  • Plate Thicknesses:
  • Arm Thicknesses:
  • Frame Weight:

Required to Complete

  • Motors:
  • ESCs
  • Propeller:
    Maximum 5”
  • Flight Controller
    31.5mm mounting holes
  • Battery
  • VTX
    VTX with pigtail recommended
  • Camera:
    HS1177 Case Camera or equivalent